His name is Al-Hussain Bin ‘Ali, may Allah be pleased with him. Indeed he died a martyr (shaheed).

This happened since the people of Iraq (Kufa) wrote to him to come to them so that they may pledge allegiance to him as the ruler, and this happened after the death of Mu’awiyyah (may Allah be pleased with him) and his son, Yazid assuming power.

However, then the people of Kufa deserted Al-Hussain after Yazid Bin Mu’awiyah appointed ‘Abuaidullah Bin Ziyad as its governor who killed Muslim Bin ‘Aqeel, the envoy of Al-Hussain to the people of Iraq. Hence, the hearts of the people of Iraq were with Al-Hussain, but their swords were with ‘Abuaidullah Bin Ziyad.

Therefore, Al-Hussain set out towards Kufa, not knowing that Muslim Bin ‘Aqeelhad already been killed, nor that the people had become disloyal to him.

So, Al-Hussain set out towards Iraq and (when he) reached Karala, and got to know that the people of Iraqhave abandoned him. Thus, Al-Hussain asked the army sent to fight him one of three things: either they leave him so that he could return to Makkah, or that he be allowed to go to Yazid Bin Mu’awiyyah or that he be allowed to go to the frontier to participate in Jihad for Allah’s Sake.

However, they refused his wishes and demanded his surrender, with Al-Hussain refuses. So, they fought him and he was killed unjustly, as a martyr.

[Al-Bidayah wa Al-Nihayah 11/473-520]

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