Opening an account on Facebook: Its legal ruling depends on the intention of the person visiting the website. If he is a scholar or student of Islamic knowledge or representing a group calling towards Islam, then this permissible and a good step, since this allows them to benefit people. However, for someone who enters social networks for doing evil or there is a plausible chance that he can be seduced into it and easily fall for it – especially young people – then it is not permissible for them to enter this site.

Anyone who knows the state of affairs of our times and what they contain in terms of trials and sinful temptations tapping at the door of everyone of us, will never blame a jurist (faqeeh) or scholar (mufti) if prohibits something which contains pure harm or in which the harmful aspect is predominant. A little benefit in that thing should not encourage one to call for its permissibility out of fear for the religious wellbeing of those who may use it. Hence, if the beneficial and aspects are predominant, and the evil and harmful aspects are less or negligible, one can have his heart at ease with opinions for its permissibility.

Therefore, in the beginning our scholars we were very strict against satellite television channels, due to the harm they contained and due to the fact that they were purely evil. However, when this form of media started containing good and beneficial things – so much so that there came into existence completely Islamic channels and satellite receivers became available which receive only these channels – the opinion that they are permissible became acceptable. In fact, we started seeing many scholars participating in satellite TV channels and beneficial programs.

Hence, for someone who cannot control himself/herself in the world of “face-book” and similar social media, then he/she should not participate in them. However, it is permissible for someone who follows Islamic guidelines to prevent himself/herself from drifting after desires and temptations. For such a person, it is permissible to enter register and both benefit others and get benefit for himself/ herself.

We ask Allah to save us from trials and temptations, whether they are hidden or obvious. Indeed, He is the One who can guide to the straight path.


Translated for IslamQA