The story that angels were amazed at the disobedience of mankind on Earth to Allah, and Allah asked them to select angels from among themselves to be sent down and (humanly) desires be put into them, so that they may see whether the angels obey or disobey Allah, is not authentic. The story goes on to state that the angels selected Harut and Marut, and then a beautiful woman named Zahra came and presented herself to them and seduced them, so that the woman was transformed into a star in the sky and the angels understood the matter and started praying for the forgiveness of the believers. This story is not authentic and it is not proven in any authentic narration from the Prophet (peace be upon him) that a man was transformed into a star called Suhail. All the narrations from the Prophet (peace be upon him) to this effect are very weak. Scholars –including Shaikh Albani (Silsilah Dha’eefah 4196) of the science of hadith have declared such narration to be fabrications and lies.


Translated for IslamQA